Cameran Embraces Her Sweat

Reality television personality Cameran Eubanks is known for her charming quirkiness and love of clothing, but what fans may not know is that she suffers from hyperhidrosis, a medical condition also known as excessive sweating. Now she’s coming forward to help other sufferers embrace their sweat.

Hyperhidrosis isn't something that affects people who are extra nervous or don't shower, it's an actual medical condition, and there's help available.

Like many sufferers, hyperhidrosis is always on her mind because it interferes with everyday activities, affecting her social situations, recreational activities, and clothing choices. Cameran always carries a change of clothes and tissues to put in her armpits to help manage her sweat. Also, when choosing an outfit, she considers how an outfit breathes and if the fabric will show sweat stains.

Cameran understands that people with hyperhidrosis may feel misunderstood, and she wants sufferers to know that they’re not alone. That’s why she decided to team up with Dermira to support others like herself living with the condition.

Hear Cameran’s Story

Watch Cameran’s video to hear more of her personal hyperhidrosis story, along with her advice on what to wear when you’re living with excessive sweating.

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