You're Not Alone

Sweat stories

When it comes to having excessive sweating, you're not alone. This real medical condition, also known as hyperhidrosis, affects Brittany as well. Brittany is a mother, an artist, and someone who has been living with hyperhidrosis for most of her life. Here’s her story.

Brittany Brittany
I don’t go a single day without thinking about hyperhidrosis.

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Hyperhidrosis Frustrations

Listen to Brittany talk about the challenges she faces with excessive sweating on a daily basis and how those challenges impact social situations.

Living with Hyperhidrosis

Find out how Brittany deals with excessive sweating and how it makes her feel.

Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Discover what it is, how it affects Brittany, and how it differs from other types of excessive sweating.

Talking about Hyperhidrosis

Hear Brittany explain how she felt once she was diagnosed with hyperhidrosis for her excessive sweating and why she feels that talking about the condition is so important.

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