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Not everyone is comfortable discussing their excessive sweating with friends, coworkers, or even family. So it may be helpful to connect with others online who are living with similar challenges and are willing to provide tips, support, and inspiration. Here are a few communities you may want to look into.


  • Check Your Sweat Facebook
    Connect, get informed, learn, and stay up to date with the latest in the hyperhidrosis community. You can also access resources and find tips and tricks to help manage your condition.
    Understanding hyperhidrosis, types of treatments, tips on managing your condition, and connecting with other hyperhidrosis patients around the world.
  • My Hyperhidrosis Team
    Sign up with your email or through Facebook to get connected to a social network and online support group meant for those living with hyperhidrosis.

Where else can I find information about excessive sweating?

Check out these websites:

  • International Hyperhidrosis Society
    A source for reliable, up-to-date information about hyperhidrosis treatments, research, and additional support.
  • American Academy of Dermatology
    Read about symptoms, causes, and treatments, and access peer-reviewed journal articles from the American Academy of Dermatology.
  • The Society for Pediatric Dermatology
    Learn about the latest research for new treatment and advocacy groups in support of pediatric patients.
  • WebMD
    Get additional information about hyperhidrosis from a leading source for timely health and medical news and information.

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